Fick mir in den Arsch, weil ich Jesus liebe


…to live by god’s rule
so whatever people tell me, that the bible tells me, I will do

??? with my dirty ring. Not like those other girls I got my morals in check
It was easy to do ‘till I got a boyfriend and pardon my French but he is cute as heck
And I made a pact to keep my hymen intact and Jesus and I are tight
Now I learned about the birds and bees.
I was taught to keep an aspirin in between my knees
‘Cause the bible says premarital sex is wrong, but Jason says that guys can’t wait that long
I don’t want to lose him to someone who’ll do him I need to figure something out
There’s a loophole in the scripture that works really well, so I can get involved without going to hell
It’s my Hail Mary, full of grace. In Jesus’ name we go to fifth base.
Oh, thank you for making me holy and thank you for giving me holes to choose from
And since I’m not a ??? whore, you’ll have to come in the backdoor. Therefore

Fuck me in the ass ‘cause I love Jesus
the good lord would want it that way
give me that sweet sensation of irrational rationalization
It’s just between you and me, cause everyone knows it’s the sex that god can’t see.

It’s hard to be as pure as me. To resist the urge to loose my vaginal virginity
we’ll wait until my marriage wed. To give my husband my unsullied maidenhead
So take your cock out, shove it in my ass, poke me until you come! Whoops I mean:
Let’s join our souls and unite our bodies and fly with the wings of god
Whatever you’ll do don’t touch my clitoris, if you ring Satan’s doorbell God can’t ignore this
And no cope of latex when you put it in, cause birth control’s for sluts and it’s a sin
I’ve emptied my bowels and laid out the towels, I’m ready for romance
And I can crave in the power that’s the highest but of all my holes this ones the driest
And we can’t procreate if we anally copulate and gods ok with sodomy but only if you’re straight
I’m ashamed for no matter what, so I’m ok with everything but, everything butt, everything buuuutt, woahoo…


I do whatever the bible tells me to
Except for the parts that I choose to ignore ‘cause their unrealistic and inconvenient but the rest I live by for sure.
So lets not talk about how ??? polyester and divorce ??? and slavery killing AIDS ‘cause those parts (stick out) of course
let’s cherry pick the parts out about losing my cherry ??? ambiguity ??? without any real sacrifice, but still feel pride for my arbitrary parenting positions.
and don’t you dare question my conviction and don’t look closely at the contradictions
just focus on the sacrificial crucifixion and have faith in the complete jurisdiction
That’s the only thing to measure if you’re good or not, and whatever ??? ‘cause up against logic it’s the only card you’ve got
so close your eyes, take a deep breath and


Yeah my chastity belt has locks
So sometimes you need to think outside the box